Abiding in Christ Part 2

Context of Jesus’ Message

  • He was nearing the end of His life and was giving the disciples comfort/instructions…see John 13-14
  1. He loved them to the end.”13:1
    1. God’s love is not based off of your love. He loved us first! – John 3:16/1 Jn. 4:19
  2. He showed them how to have humility and serve13:4-17 (washing feet)
    • For us to abide in Christ we have to be broken to ourselves.
    • He must increase, but I must decrease.”John 3:30
  3. He called out the phony (Judas) 13:21-30
    1. Being a member of a local church and doing good things doesn’t mean you are a child of God!
  4. He looked beyond their past or present failures to still use them (Peter) 13:36-38
  5. He promised to return – 14:1-3 – If you are saved, He’s preparing a place for you!
  6. He is the only way – 14:4-6
  7. The Holy Spirit would comfort/abide forever – 14:15-18
  8. Because Jesus’ lives – we can live! – 14:19 and you can have a dynamic union with him – 12:20-21
    1. This is not talking about salvation, but experiencing the fullness and blessing of a relationship w/ Christ!
  9. He said that the disciples (and us) would do greater works than Him!!!? – 14:12
    • What does this mean? ____________________________

The Goal?

Accept Christ, and then spend the rest of your life experiencing the abundant life with Christ.  Know the power and peace of God in your life!

How do you do this?

Abiding in Christ

What does abiding mean?

“Continue to be present”
  • Being present is different than just being “around”.
  • Many marriages are stale because we do just the basics. Church can be stale if we do just the basics!  Being present = Being Engaged
  • “To allow Christ’s life to flow in and through us “

Deeper definition of abiding in Christ:

  1. I trust Him
  2. I persevere because of Him
  3. I obey Him
  4. I talk with Him
  5. I draw my strength from Him

The Reality:

You can’t do anything without Him!

My Commitment to spend time with God: _____________________________________________