Message from Matt | June 15, 2018

Our greatest need??
Have you ever thought about what our greatest need is?  I know that some will state the obvious things like oxygen or beating hearts.  Others might say coffee in the morning!  Still others might say Oreos, but of course that wouldn’t be me.  Although we do need oxygen and beating hearts to live, this is not the need that I am thinking about.  I do believe that forgiveness is mankind’s greatest need, because without accepting God’s forgiveness and free gift of eternal life, this life would be hopeless.  But in the life of the believer, who has already received God’s forgiveness, I believe that a great need, maybe our greatest need, is to continually and constantly hear from God!

I know that I am stating the obvious, but life seems to be more peaceful and filled with purpose and direction when we hear from God…doesn’t it?  Throughout the Scriptures this is proven to be the case and is especially shown in the lives of Saul and David. 

Near the end of Saul’s life (1 Samuel 27-31) we see that Saul was in a desperate situation!  He was foiled in his attempts to kill David.  He was without the Prophet Samuel that would give him direction, and worst of all, God was displeased with Saul for his disobedience and God “departed” from him (see 1 Samuel 28:6, 15-20).  The Lord wasn’t listening to or speaking to Saul…and Saul was lost.  Being as desperate as he was, Saul sought out the advice of a godless woman, the witch at En-dor, and through her sorcery Saul received the word that he didn’t want to hear – Israel would be defeated in battle and he and his sons would die!  
Then there is David.  David and his men, who happened to be staying with the Philistines at the time, were sent home from a battle only to find that their town was burned and their families stolen (1 Samuel 30:8)! After a lot of finger pointing and threats on David’s life, David sought the Lord and the Lord heard him and told him what to do!  The results were that David and his men recovered everyone and everything that was stolen from them.  David went into battle knowing that they would have victory because he believed what God told him!  

For David, hearing from God was the difference between him and Saul and that is the same for us today!  If you are a child of God, know that He is on your side!  He is always with you!  He makes you more than a conqueror!  BUT, even with all of those blessings, are we doing the things needed to hear from Him on a daily basis?  I am convinced that hearing from God is my greatest need as your pastor, and when I do hear, it is always an amazing feeling.  When I don’t hear, it is always because I am not spending time with Him or I have unconfessed sin that is hindering my fellowship with God!  

So how can you hear from Him? 

  1. If you are not already, become one of His children! (Romans 10:9,10, 13)
  2. Be in the Word and obey it! (Psalm 119)
  3. Confess your sins to God and repent on a regular basis! 

You don’t have to be perfect to hear from God because David certainly wasn’t, but we do need to place ourselves in the position to hear from Him.  

If you are struggling right now with a life challenge, take a few moments to spend some time praying and reading some Scriptures.  Ask the Lord for direction and follow His leading.  

Remember to believe in Hebrews 13:5! 


We do have Sunday School for all ages this Sunday at 9:30 AM and our worship service at 10:30 AM.  Looking forward to worshipping the Lord with you!