Message from Matt | November 5th, 2017


I am sure that all of you remember the old phrase, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!” I remember saying that as a little kid to someone as a way of showing them that no matter what they said, it wouldn’t affect me Even though I said that line, the truth is that I would be hurt by the words that were said and I just used that phrase as a way to cover my emotions and anger! Looking back, at times, I would have rather had the sticks or stones!

The truth is that we can do a lot of damage with our mouths, but we can also do a lot of good! Today, we will read again what Paul said to the church in Ephesus about renewing the mind and changing our words/mouth (Ephesians 4). I believe that Paul is telling the church that when they renew their minds, it becomes easier to “speak the truth in love” (15), to put away lying and speak the truth (25), to be angry and sin not (26), and to not have any corrupt communication come out of their mouths (29). These all apply to us and are all very good things, but what is the purpose? In context with this chapter, the purpose is to edify one another and minister grace to those you are speaking to (29)! Are our words, or have our words, been used to edify (build up) others or been used to tear others down? Have we ministered grace to others by our words? What does it even mean to “minister grace”? I hope that after today’s message, we will all have a fresh understanding of how to use our words for good and for God’s purposes!