Message From Matt | April 20, 2018

Blah…or Bright?
When I walked out of the church building one day this week, I saw this amazing view that had a clear blue sky on one side and a dark and cloudy sky on the other.  After a few seconds oflooking at the sky, thoughts starting filling my mind that this sky is a good picture of how people can view their present life – it’s dark and gloomy or it’s bright and sunny!  Of course everyone, whether they are naturally positive or negative people, will have days that they view as good or bad, but what is interesting is that we tend to often have a determined view of our future based on how well our current life is going.

Look at some of the ladies in the OT that I mentioned in last weeks message…

  • Naomi was devastated by the loss of her husband and sons and became bitter and appeared to have no hope for a bright future – Ruth 1
  • Hannah was taunted and teased by her husband’s other wife “year by year” because she couldn’t have children and became depressed by the fact that she would never be completely fulfilled – 1 Samuel 1
  • Esther was taken from her home to be paraded in front of a king to see if she was worthy to be his queen and her plans were changed – Esther 2

In each of these ladies’ lives, their outlook for the future looked very cloudy and dark!

It’s all about perspective! 

Looking at Esther…at first, her thought about standing in front of the king (
Esther 4) made her fearful!  But it was Mordecai who helped her get a better perspective when he said, “…who knows whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14
)  When Esther realized that it was God who had directed her path into the royal family and that it was for a purpose to save His people – she bravely stood before the king! 
What about you?  If you are currently going through some hard things, what is your view of the future?  Are you basing your view from God’s perspective or your own? Could it be that the hard things that are happening now, will be used to help you and others in the future?   Whatever our view is, remember what Paul wrote in 
Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”  
The “all things” in this verse has to mean “anything”, whether it’s good or bad! 
  • If you are currently going through some hard relationship situations, know that God can work it out for good!
  • If you are currently going through some hard financial situations, know that God can work it out for good!
  • If you are currently going through some hard physical situations, know that God can work it out for good!
  • The list of problems could go on and on, but the ending is still the same – God can work it out for good!

Faith or Fear?

Whatever is going on in your life right now, know that God is “still large and in charge”!  
TRUST HIM!  Trust that He has the best thoughts for you (Jeremiah 29:11)!  Trust that He has a purpose even in your pain (John 9). Trust that He can make all things beautiful, even if now it looks really ugly (Ecclesiastes 3:11
).  Don’t let fear rule your thoughts on the future – have faith in the One that always has and always will be God!

Matt Roller

Message From Matt | April 13, 2018

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Message From Matt | April 6, 2018

Vantage Point! 
The Tuesday morning drive this week was not fun!  There was so much rain, wind and lightning going on in Indy that the drive I was
on that normally takes 25 minutes one way

Message From Matt | March 30, 2018

“It’s My Pleasure”
Have you heard that before?  If you have been to Chick-fil-a you have definitely heard it said, most likely, over and over.  

Message from Matt | March 22, 2018

IBT’s 68th Anniversary!
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Message From Matt | May 16, 2018

The Greatest Mind!
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Message From Matt | March 9, 2018

“And to know the love of Christ”

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Message From Matt | February 22, 2018

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Message From Matt | February 15, 2018


Here we go again!
Valentine’s Day is normally a day of love, but yesterday in Parkland, Florida it was a day of horror instead.  I am sure that all of you by now have seen the awful news about 19 year